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The Gracey Precision High Speed Power .50 Caliber Case Trimmer Can turn out 20 Cartridge Cases a minute and come out ready to load.
The Gracey Power .50 Caliber Case Trimmer: The Gracey Precision Power 50 Caliber Case Trimmer utilizes the same robust machined aluminum body as all other Gracey products. We opened up our standard case holder to a one inch sixteen thread to accomodate the new 50 cal. holder. The original casting was more than strong enough to handle this cartridge case and allows a case holder which accommodates a 50 caliber case to be engaged with a larger set of cutters, thus enabling the 50 caliber shooters to trim their brass with the same speed and accuracy as the other hand loaders who own and use the Gracey Cartridge Case Trimmer.
5 reasons to buy a Gracey .50 Cal. Cartridge Case Trimmer:
  • This machine can trim 20 cases per-minute!
  • Cases from the Gracey trimmer are ready to load!
  • One can choose the chamfer width desired.
  • The Gracey Trimmer is assured a long life by using oil impregnated bearings
  • A non-powered trimmer is also available for the customer to add his/her own power.

To purchase a Gracey 50 Caliber Power Cartridge Case Trimmer by phone, call 661-822-5383 Now! Prefer to Fax us? just dial 661 823-8680 and even faster, e-mail us today at gracenotes@csurfers.net with the information needed: name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone number, plus items needed.

50 CAL. CASE TRIMMER ........................$300.00
50 CAL. CUTTER BLADES ......................$  15.00
(Trimmer comes with one set)
50 CAL. Converter ..................................$ 25.00

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